Top 5 Conferences Worth To Attend In 2014 Q4 (Infographic)

There came the end of 2014, which means great startup events you shouldn’t miss! At the end of September, Startup Istanbul opens the series that has a strong speaker line including Dave McClure (500startups) or Michael Seibel (YCombinator), but there will be presenters from Facebook, Twitter, Udemy and many more.

Afterthat, probably the most known conference series come to London, TechCrunch Disrupt, where among the speakers, there will be Justin Kan, who sold their company (Twitch) to Amazon for almost a billion dollar.

At the end of October, Europe’s pioneers get together at Pioneers Festival in Vienna. Without a doubt, this is the biggest entrepreneurship festival in Europe with 2500+ attendees and icons like Neil Patel (Kissmetrics) or Mike Butcher (TechCrunch) and professionals from the investment world including VC firms and accelerators all accross Europe and the US.

Close after Pioneers, there comes Web Summit, ” where the tech world meets”. The lineup will be quite strong in Dublin, because Peter Thiel (Founders Fund), Drew Houston (Dropbox) and Werner Vogels (Amazon) will be among the speakers. Previously there were speakers like Elon Musk(Tesla), Bono (U2), Tony Hsieh (Zappos) or Jack Dorsey (Twitter).

And last but not least, Slush will close the conference series in Helsinki. Supercell, Watsi, Blablacar and many more will represent themselves at the biggest nordic festival where hundreds of startups will be.


top 5 conferences worth to attend in 2014 q4



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