Program Overview

US Venture Program

The US Venture Program is our flagship and only top-tier entrepreneurs are accepted. It offers startups up to US$ 150k cash, US$10k AWS Activate storage space credit, mentoring, office space, black belt advisors, multiple U.S. landing pads, proximate support of our U.S. sales team, native american marketeers and many more (see below).  This program is the hallway of doing serious international business. Unlike shorter programs of any typical tech startup accelerator, it lasts for 6-9 months, and it usually ends up with you traveling to the United States for a couple of months. The whole concept for startups accepted for this program is the potential of becoming a global venture with extreme fast scaling. That said, we prepare you and your team to be able to act on the U.S. market on your own.

Doing business in the U.S. is somewhat different form doing business in Europe, some of the distinctions are pleasant surprises, and some of them are more difficult to get used to. Our final goal is helping you getting traction in the strongest economy of the World and either earning reasonable amount of revenue with your startup there or raising a follow-on investment round from a U.S. venture capital firm. Or ideally, both. This program is for the future rockstars of  entrepreneurship. We intend to work only with the most promising (future) top dogs. Call us elitist – thinking in stereotypes is much easier for some folks.

$ 50 - 150k Investment

We invest small amount of money into 20-25 seed stage startups a year. Small amounts will teach you how to get along wisely, keeping your dilution low in exchange.

Partners In Crime

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. Been there, done that. Check out the team so that you get a better sense who we are.

Office Space

We’re currently using a temporary office and hunting for the best co-working space. By the time we’re finding the final spot, it’s still major fun anyway.

U.S. Market Access

Landing pads in Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Our network is what makes the Tribe, so from the most bad-ass mentors to exceptional entrepreneurs we connect you to everyone.

Follow-on Financing Capability

We’re able to fund our portfolio startups up to $ 2 Million, so not raising U.S. money at once doesn’t mean instant shutdown for you.

$ 10k Amazon Web Services Credit

With a special AWS essentials training, so that you don’t have to spend on servers.

Purgatory Program

Sometimes we’re not able to decide whether we want to work with you or we should pass. In these cases we bring you closer for a short 8 weeks period and give a little time for both you and ourselves. No one can apply to this program, participation is granted by Traction Tribe Partners for startups not yet accepted to the US Ventures Program but worthy of a second look, a more careful consideration (typically 8 weeks later). In our Purgatory Program, we provide you everything, but money, which means you can participate on training programs, work with us in our office – and the best part is that it’s for free. In terms of cost-benefit, this is our best program, because you literally pay nothing for it, neither cash nor equity – it’s all our risk. However, just like the Purgatory – it doesn’t take forever. The end of the Purgatory Program is all or nothing: either you get approved for the US Venture Program or you get a definitive “no”. Either way, you win on our hesitation.

The good old EIRs

We have a third program for those entrepreneurs who either don’t need further training or not currently working on any specific startup. Great minds that we’d like to keep around us. We call them EIRs, Entrepreneurs in Residence. We provide them office space for a period of time (maybe some regular fees as well), and we expect their support along with the sharp shooter startuppers currently participating in the USVP. The EIR Program is open for anyone with serious international business development experience, feel free to apply anytime.

More than just a tech startup accelerator

So why are we positioning ourselves as more than just any tech startup accelerator? First and foremost, besides our initial investment we’re capable of closing a follow-on financial round with our portfolio companies to $ 1M. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of personalized training in our view. In contrary to other tech startup accelerators, we’re NOT working in a batch-to-batch system. Needs of startups are never the same, never apply at the same time and we intend to support our companies one by one, case by case. We have a wide variety of international expert advisors and trainers covering all the essential knowledge needed to successfully run a seed stage venture. If you’re accepted to any of our programs, you’ll mostly learn* this:

  • Lean Methodology in practice – not just the theory
  • Growth Hacking & Startup Marketing
  • Basics of networking and business psychology
  • Definition and measurement of  customer-driven metrics
  • The art of pitching and the ability to make a high quality presentation
  • Advanced knowledge on how venture capital and other financial methods work
  • Advanced training on how to sell in the U.S. market
  • Basic legal training to feel safe in an uncertain environment
  • Startup-specific management and decision-making training
  • Basics of finance, taxing and employment in the U.S.
  • Business English courses customized to your current level

*all of the classes are in English language.

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