Peter Kadas

Partner, CEO

Entrepreneur for 18+ yrs, medical doctor, economist, Goldenblog awarded blogger, advisor, and venture capital expert. Board member of The National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

Antal Karolyi


Former investment banker, active angel investor, startup enthusiast, and a daring master hustler.

Mark Kubatov


Entrepreneur for 10+ yrs and a mobile technology expert. A painfully straight-forward, tech-savvy hustler.

Laszlo Horvath

Board Member

Founder of the award-winning online media agency ActiveMedia. Worked for the US Government and as a Strategic Consultant for AOL. Completed his MBA at Harvard. Our personal tome of knowledge and experience.

Beata T. Makra


Our shining lighthouse of order in the continuous chaos that the partners tend to create. Startup-savvy, fully organized, highly experienced in operating investment funds.

Akos Eory


Economist and BBA in International Hospitality Management, studied in Austria and The Netherlands. Entrepreneur for 10+ years with management experience in various companies, understanding both operations and administration.

Bianka Katona

Admin Assistant

Graduated at Budapest Business School. She has 3+ years of experience in operation and hospitality.

Csenge Lehoczky

Marketing Assistant

Enthusiastic marketing intern and wannabe social media business expert. She is attending the Budapest University od Technology ad Economics studying economy and management.


Marvin Liao

Experienced Silicon Valley Executive in International Digital Media and Ex-Yahoo Executive. Mentor at 500 Startups, Nielsen Innovate, and many more. Frequent speaker at startup conferences, occasional Angel Investor.

Justin Mares

Online marketing expert, co-author of Traction Book. Entrepreneur-in-Residence at 500 Startups and serial entrepreneur. Former Director of Revenue and Growth at Exceptional Cloud Services, which was acquired by Rackspace.

Abhishek Katiyar

Has 10+ years experience in engineering and product roles. Expert in user growth, mobile app distribution, and viral user acquisition. Mentor at 500 Startups and Senior Product Manager at Anchor Free, which was ranked “America’s 6th most promising company in 2013″ by Forbes.

Andrew Mueller

Strategist, critical-thinker, and a change agent, with 14+ years of experience developing products and partnerships for Fortune 500 companies as well as for multiple startups focused on social media, internet marketing, and general growth.

Nathan Gold

Founder of The Demo Coach. Worked for SanDisk, Nokia,, and IBM, giving over 15,000 presentations and product demos during his career. Two-time DEMOGod Award winner. Currently working with startups, such as Startupamerica, DLA Piper and Kauffman Foundation.

Yann Girard

Entrepreneur at heart and an agent of change with experience on both sides of the table. Startup sales magician.

Bas van den Beld

Marketing strategist, blogger, growth-hacker, speaker, and social media expert. Voted among the Top Influential Marketers in the UK. Founder and owner of State of Digital. Winner of Best European Search Blog in 2012.

Baglan Nurhan Rhymes

Skilled in revenue and monetization modelling. Played an instrumental role in building and branding some of the hottest technology startups in Silicon Valley. Speaker and thought-leader in entrepreneurship, technology, and digital media, with an emphasis on advertising and monetization strategy.

Ai Kordek

Mobile app and Bitcoin entrepreneur, people connector, UX advisor, tech community builder. Naturally energetic - no coffee needed.

Whitney Sales

San Francisco Sales Expert, Creator of The Sale Method, Coined the term Sales/Market Fit, Head of Partnerships as Wanelo, VP of Sales for Tallie

Daniel Andrasi

Combines extensive software engineering carrier with entrepreneurial business expertise. Santa Clara MSE and MBA alumni. Worked at great companies like Daimler, Telekom or SAP and has been involved in several Silicon Valley start-ups in various technical and business roles. Currently working at Google

Daniel Nemes

IT, Infocommunications, and Media Manager. Has significant experience in building new businesses and business lines, seeking and utilizing emerging technologies. Recognized by the industry and honored with several awards. Specialties: Certified Information Security Auditor (CISA)

Peter Young

Entrepreneur at his core and a change agent with extensive experience in digital world. Played an instrumental role in building and branding some of the largest web footprints in the US. Peter is a speaker and professor of entrepreneurship, digital media, website analytics with an emphasis on advertising strategy. Oh… and an occasional angel investor.

Jeff Atwood

Entrepreneur, plus a sales and marketing expert. Founder at QwikMobi and owner of YesTees.

Stephen Dobos

Has management background in companies like Mars and Nestlé, combined with online service experience. A structured thinker who moves quickly while keeping his [team's] eye on the prize - the customer! An entrepreneur at heart and always testing boundaries.

Steve Siegel

Copywriter, creative director, and has extensive experience as creative marketing strategist. An award-winning author of both non-fiction and fiction, and is a UC Berkeley Business School grad. Has a long-term, proven devotion to creative excellence.

Gagan Kanwar

Serial entrepreneur. Completed his MBA at Oxford. Business development expert and has a huge amount of experience in the field of strategy and M&A.

Nora Hegyi-Kovacs

Expert of video production, Founder of Artvader, and has 10+ yrs experience in news, TV Broadcasting, presentations and public speaking. Former RTL reporter and editor. Also a former journalist at Sanoma Media. Awarded the Hegeto Honorka Award in 2008.

Zsuzsa Kekesi

Journalist, plus an online advertisement and media expert. Head of digital productions division at HVG. Business Development Manager at HVG Online.

Jarek Sygitowicz

Serial entrepreneur. Expert in product design and development. Completed his computer science degree at Warsaw University.
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