Traction Tribe, leading startup accelerator in Central-Europe offers three different programs for entrepreneurs. We invest our time and money  in 25 companies each year, selecting only the best-of-breed startup formations and providing them market access in the United States. In contrary of “regular” accelerators, we are not working in a batch system, accepting applications continuously. We invest USD 40-100k into each company with optional follow-on investments of up to USD 1 million. Traction Tribe is backed by Portus Buda Group, a leading Hungarian venture capital firm.

Traction Tribe Startups gain unique mentorship of a carefully selected team of industry professionals. They have direct access to a California-based pilot sales team, an entire platoon of growth hackers and marketers, some big guns of the lean methodology, superhuman lawyers, venture capital investment pros, financial advisors, UX designers and technology experts, but most importantly – to each other. Namely, there’s no stronger support for an entrepreneur than like-minded folks with decades of experience. This is the Tribe, and we believe that entrepreneurship is highly tribal business.

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