Apply Here

Looking for the email address? Filing an application as a startup founder will be a bit more tricky than this. Basically there are three ways to apply to our programs:


First of all, there’s a secret email address for the application, but we don’t bespeak it to everyone. Most of our staff members know it. Most of our portfolio companies – apparently – know it. Do a little research or networking and find this email address. We do believe if you’re not able to cross such a basic barrier, you’re probably not yet there to build a billion-dollar company in a foreign country and maybe it’s mutually beneficial for everyone not wasting each other’s time. We’re looking for A-Class Hustlers only.

Working on the right things is probably more important than working hard.


Second way of application is to approach one of our Partners, after all – despite all the rumors and urban legends – they’re human beings. It’s a strong recommendation if you attract one of the heavy weights, however, that’s the hard way. You need to have a perfect pitch and an outstanding cogency, since Partners get tons of one-pagers, so your one has to be really unique to excel from the crowd. You may approach them on public events or personally, they mostly don’t shoot you at sight.


Third option is asking one of our portfolio companies making an intro. It’s a very powerful way, because we trust them already. If they say you’re good, we act as if you were good as long as you don’t prove the opposite. Smart entrepreneurs chose this latter option.

Language of application is always strictly in English. You can think of it as another entry barrier, but reality is, more than half of our staff is native English and not every one of them speaks Hungarian. Please contact us in English only!

Good luck, we value all those crossing all the barriers and reach out to us!