Traction Tribe is a tech, dot-com, and healthcare startup traction composer company (call it an accelerator, if you’re thinking in boxes) with offices in Budapest, Hungary; Las Vegas, NV, USA; and Woodside, CA, USA. We help potentially-global European startups take aim and soft-land them on the U.S. market. We provide a small amount of investment, world-class mentoring, press, PR, co-working spacefor our portfolio companies. But most importantly, we connect them with high-profile American individuals and provide pilot sales and market validation opportunities overseas. Our competitive edge is our focus on the strongest economy in the world and breaking down all the barriers of market entry for foreign companies, preferably seed-stage tech startups.

What we do

We provide you access to a unique entrepreneurial community and a team of startup-enthusiastic, international mentors. We provide you with two spots in our shared workspace in a luxurious, historic 5-story building in the heart of Budapest. We share our network with you so you’ll be able to take action in the U.S. market without spending zillions on establishing your foreign presence by yourself. You’ll meet native, American mentors and have the chance to connect with advisors who match your business needs and fellow U.S. entrepreneurs. You might team up with them or just make a connection – it’s up to you.  Also, you are eligible for 2 opportunities to spend a maximum of 3 months each time in the U.S. at our U.S. Headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Finally, we invest a small amount of capital (usually $50k – 150k) to cover the basic costs that go along with the early stages of your venture and the basic costs of travelling to the U.S.

What we don’t do

We’re not building your company. Only you will do that. We’re not making decisions for you. We support you through your toughest moments with advice and experience, but it’s your business, your decisions and your responsibility to determine how to use your one shot. We don’t put together your sales literature, pitch deck, one-pager, but we will help you polish these documents to perfection. Generally, we help point you in the most promising direction, but you have to take all the steps on this path.

Why us?

Because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves, just take a look. The banking and private equity background is good for a venture capitalist to have to get an overview of how things work at a private company, yet it’s almost useless when you need to build something up something from scratch. We’ve been there, done that; we have the experience will help you plan your next course of action for the near future – not to mention our existing network and 40+ mentors that may help you on your way to that big, fat exit or maybe become a real tech IPO. Dig deeper and check out our programs.

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