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What Will You Get at Traction Tribe?

$ 50 - 150k Investment

We invest small amount of money into 20-25 seed stage startups a year. Small amounts will teach you how to get along wisely, keeping your dilution low in exchange.

Partners In Crime

We are entrepreneurs ourselves. Been there, done that. Check out the team so that you get a better sense who we are.

Office Space

We’re currently using a temporary office and hunting for the best co-working space. By the time we’re finding the final spot, it’s still major fun anyway.

U.S. Market Access

Landing pads in Silicon Valley, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Our network is what makes the Tribe, so from the most bad-ass mentors to exceptional entrepreneurs we connect you to everyone.

Follow-on Financing Capability

We’re able to fund our portfolio startups up to $ 2 Million, so not raising U.S. money at once doesn’t mean instant shutdown for you.

$ 10k Amazon Web Services Credit

WIth a special AWS essentials training, so that you don’t have to spend on servers.

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